Top iPad Stories (August 27 – September 2)

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend, well at least in the U.S. For then entire month of September Apple will feature their iTunes Festival app on the iPad, iPhone and AppleTV be sure to check that out. Delta is going all in on the iPad, consumers seem to be more excited about the tablet than the phone, and do not use stolen credit cards to buy iProducts! This week I post a few extra developer links, well more than normal. As always my tip, app, review and bonus of the week is included. Enjoy!

Top iPad Stories:

The fall of Angry Birds
Apple Rolling out iTunes Festival
iBookstore introduces welcome support options for publishers
Google Seeks To Ban iPhone and iPad
Apple to Upgrade AirPlay to Allow Wireless Streaming Without Wi-Fi?
Delta deploying 4500 Apple iPads at US airport restaurants
How To Deploy iOS 6 In Business The Right Way
Research: Consumers now more excited about iPad than iPhone
Predicting the “iPad Mini” internals
Developer detects what are likely to be 2 separate iPad Minis
Man sentenced for fraudulent shopping spree buying iPad and iPhones
Asian CEOs are taking to iPad, but shying away from social media
An iPad Review

iOS Development:
Apple launches new app infringement tool
Teaching Programming on iOS
PonyDebugger: Remote Debugging Tools for Native iOS Apps
Principles of User Interface Design
Using Appearance Proxy to Style Apps
Never Use Black
Electronics for iPhone Developers Tutorial: Create an Arduino Traffic Light!
An Introduction to SceneKit

Review of the Week:
Drafts for iPad – Agile Tortoise (Buy)
Drafts for iPad

Tip of the Week:
Live Stream an iPhone or iPad Screen & Broadcast to the Web or iMessages

App of the Week:
Kodiak PHP – Adam Horacek
Kodiak PHP (About)


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